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11/3/20223 min read

There are countless resources that educate someone on how to open their chakras and skyrocket their energy in innumerable different ways.

However, NO ONE seems to mention the fact that if your body is completely out of whack (from injury, bad posture, or anything else), then you are going to have a hard time getting any energy to flow.

Practices such as yoga can even hurt someone more if their body is stuck in an underlying unfavorable pattern of compensation! (swayback posture, anterior pelvic tilt, forward head posture, etc).

There are times when stretching, meditation, or other techniques just won't get you in optimal form. 

As many of you know, I have been a long-time fan of somatics (educating the nervous system to let go of tightly held muscles).

However, I recently stumbled upon the practice of releasing or inhibiting muscles via breathing exercises in order to restore one's posture. (For those of you that don't know, these techniques are known as PRI. This stands for the Postural Restoration Institute.)

In my opinion, these techniques are one of the most powerful tools you could possibly have in your arsenal when it comes to physical health.

These techniques are somewhat similar to somatics, wherein you isolate and move a certain muscle in order for your nervous system to let it go.

However, these techniques train your brain to restore your posture through breathing and holding a pose.

This has been an absolute revelation for me.


Because now that certain muscle groups have been properly released and my posture pulled back into alignment, I have more energy and joy than ever.

"How might this pertain to my spiritual journey?" I hear you ask.

Well, once these tight muscles finally let go (many of them may have been chronically contracted for decades without you even knowing), and your posture is restored, then your chakras will have room to properly energize themselves and flow.

Your shakti will go through the roof.

Don't believe me?

Try PRI for postural abnormalities (tight hips, anterior pelvic tilt, quads that won't let go, etc) on your body, and just see what happens after two weeks of practice. (Make sure to seek out a PRI trainer in your area via the postural restoration website, or you may have a hard time discovering the root cause of your body issues.)

I had chronically tight muscles all over, including my Iliacas and psoas muscles.

They were so tight that barely any energy was flowing through my chakras, and my nervous system was constantly in fight or flight.

My creativity, shakti, sleep, and so much more were adversely affected. It was a life crisis.

This was due to an extreme anterior pelvic tilt, among other unfavorable body patterns that I won't go into here.

I am in the process of restoring my posture via PRI and can now feel a river of Prana through my entire body.

I am on such a natural high that I want to dance through my kitchen! I am as creative, energetic, and lively as I was twenty years ago.

Please search for PRI exercises on youtube, perhaps for fixing anterior pelvic tilt if this affects you (if you have a huge curve in your lower back posture, then I guarantee your lower chakras are blocked).

If you're not affected in this area, then find an area where your posture is out of alignment, and look up a PRI video for that area of the body. Make sure to do the tests outlined in the youtube videos, and don't go by visuals.

Perhaps you have an intensely tight psoas (hip flexor) on your right side.

Or perhaps you're stuck in a PEC pattern where both sides of your pelvis are stuck In a forward position.

(Remember, the whole body is connected, so don't just try one area of the body and give up! It takes time to restore your posture. Give a PRI routine at least two weeks and try to seek out a PRI trainer in your area.)

If you can't seem to flow with energy no matter how much sleep you get, yoga you do, or how health-conscious your meals are, then your posture could be a huge reason why.

Disclaimer: I am not a physical therapist or anything of the sort. I am just sharing an incredible way to fix your posture that I have just discovered. As always, you must take full responsibility for your own well-being and seek out a professional for help.

Incredible youtube channels that will teach you all about postural restoration:

Good luck and happy shakti boosting!

The Ascending Vibrations team.