The Fire of Yoga

Attention is the mightiest weapon you could ever wield.


11/5/20221 min read

Unless you've been living under a rock, you have likely heard about or seen the infamous face-slap at the Oscars earlier this year.

What might seem like a shocking act of aggression might contain within it a seed for growth.

Let me explain...

For many people, it may seem like an eye-opening realization to watch wealthy and extremely successful celebrities act in "unconscious" ways that we thought only "normal" people might do.

It goes to further prove the idea that no matter what you achieve or gain in this life (you can be a multi-millionaire mega star!) - it will not help you awaken unless you do the spiritual work.

You will still be subject to unconsciously acting out in offense, rage, caring what others think, and the full spectrum of low-vibration emotions.

No matter what your background - just a little work each day has a beautiful compounding effect on your patience, love, gratitude, and peace - no matter what anyone outside of you says or does.

(Methods like meditation, yoga, and EFT tapping are my personal favorite.)

When we see others act out in these volatile manners, we must show empathy and love toward them, no matter what.

That does not mean putting up with a tempestuous person or situation in your path.

You must remove yourself from such situations.

It simply means exuding love no matter what chaos is in front of you.

Easier said than done, right?

It is easier once the ego starts to dissolve through practice focusing on the present moment.

Simply paying attention and refusing to react to these tempestuous emotions and assaults from others as they arise will transform life-denying feelings into just another bodily sensation.

Perhaps some heat in your stomach or a visceral sensation.

This burning up of the emotion through still attention is called 'the fire of yoga.'

That is your challenge and the challenge of all humans on the planet - to make a better earth for all.

Wishing you elevated spiritual growth this week,

the Ascending Vibrations team.