The Easy Cure for Regret

Have you ever felt regret as though your life were going by too fast?


11/3/20222 min read

Have you ever woken up and felt like life has crept up on you?

As if life administered a sneak attack that makes you feel as though you've suddenly lived a huge portion of it already?

Perhaps this feeling is accompanied by regrets about what you did or didn't do.

Perhaps it feels even heavier because you never visited those countries or destinations you wanted to explore.

Or you let that person go.

Well... we all feel like this sometimes. But these heavy and painful feelings should not bring you into despair. They should make you smile.


Because you are being challenged.

Life is presenting you with a puzzle so difficult and overwhelming that you must shift your mindset or spiritual connection to overcome it.

You see, If you want to clear your life of regret, a feeing of missing out, or not feeling accomplished, then a powerful secret remedy is this:

You must NOT start by adding MORE to your life (trying to do/achieve more) but by SUBTRACTING things from your life/mind.

You may feel like you have not gotten what you wanted from life because you have been too overwhelmed by clutter.

Perhaps part mental clutter, perhaps part lifestyle clutter.

This will absorb all of the minutes of your day, leading to weeks, months, and will become years.

You must start with the inner work and clear some of this mental/lifestyle clutter, whether that be trauma, past relationship pains, time-wasting activities that do not serve you, or the regret of past inaction.

Once you clear this baggage, you will undoubtedly feel light as a feather. Then you can attack the puzzle of your life situation. This seemingly tragic Rubik's cube that continues to compound negatively against you.

You can bypass it altogether. And live the life you have always wanted to. Visit Europe, find that perfect partner, start that business and spend more time with your family... you name it...

How do you clear this clutter?

Some of my favorite techniques include yoga, meditation, learning about psychology and mindset, and too many more to name here.

But some techniques are so powerful that they can profoundly alter your existence in positive ways right off the bat.

The techniques I am referring to are somatic techniques (think EFT, EMDR, etc).

Did you know that you can easily desensitize yourself from negative emotions/memories and replace them with empowering thoughts and emotions just by tapping on your body or moving your eyes?

Sound too good to be true? 

Well... try some of these techniques out for yourself and find out.

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Love and light, 

The Ascending Vibrations team