The Manifesting Secret Formula Toolkit

Are you done with settling in life & ready to live your purpose?
Manifesting Secret Formula Toolkit
Manifesting Secret Formula Toolkit
  • Hack your brain, boost performance, & release blocks holding you back from greatness

  • Awaken amazing energy to supercharge your manifestations

  • Stop wasting precious time on ineffective methods

Manifesting energy tapping
Manifesting energy tapping
#1: A Supercharged Manifestation Energy Tapping Video

Banish Limiting Beliefs & Propel Yourself Toward Your Dream Life (Infused with 432 Hz Frequency)

What's inside:

#2: A Powerful 10-Minute 'Shifting Your reality' Guided Meditation

(Infused with 528 Hz Frequency)

#3: A bonus 10-Minute 'Feminine Energy Awakening' Guided Meditation

Connect to the Divine Feminine

#4: A Secret Formula Journal

Daily manifestation Schedule Done-For-You. Simply Rinse & Repeat At Home (Print This Out, Stick it On Your Wall, & Cross Off The Days You Complete The Schedule)