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6/24/20243 min read

Last night, I watched a really cool YouTube video that talked about the legendary inventor Royal Rife, who was known for creating marvelous inventions that were said to obliterate all kinds of diseases using frequency.

(For anyone wondering, the channel was "The Why Files "–great stuff on there.)

And this was WAY before the spirituality section in Barnes & Noble (or insert your country's book store here) was packed with amazing knowledge about this kind of stuff from all kinds of "new-age" teachers.

(Btw, I think New-age is a pretty funny term because the information is really actually "old-age!")

And all of this talk about frequency, vibration, and its effect on the body really got me thinking: Maybe I should share some of our tips and tricks of using frequency with our lovely audience…

(That means you, you glorious sack of quantum energy, you ;) )

(More about these tips and tricks below…)

In our daily lives, we run into so many different types of noise pollution, emotionally painful experiences, and toxic foods that are sure to pull our energetic system out of whack in all kinds of interesting and not so fun ways.

This kind of exposure can obviously lead to all sorts of disharmony in the mind and body.

However, it's immeasurably helpful to know that there are many ways of healing our energetic systems/chakras and removing blockages with sound.

A very popular way is by utilizing the human voice.

A different vowel is associated with each chakra (energy center), and the voice can chant the specific vowel sound to balance or unblock a chakra.

Choose a pitch and feel if it resonates in the targeted chakra region.

For example, an "uuh" sound for the root chakra would do well to resonate at a pitch that you can feel around your pelvic floor–the root chakras HQ, if you will.

If you can't feel a vibration in any given chakra area, move your pitch up or down until you feel the energy moving in the right place.

(If you're not sure where the seven main chakras are located, here is a quick rough overview:

1: Root: Base of spine

2: Sacral: Under the belly button

3: Solar Plexus: Centre of stomach

4: Heart: Chest

5: Throat: Throat

6: Third Eye: In between eyes (or between the back of the throat and atlas)

7: Crown: In the center of your head)

A rule of thumb is that the lower chakras vibrate to lower pitches.

You can use videos and music online to help you match a specific pitch, but learning to do this instinctively by feeling your own inner vibrations will skyrocket your listening and sound-healing prowess.

(There is no need to chant loudly.)

Focus on your intention of balancing and clearing the specific chakra with your voice.

Sit comfortably and keep your spine as straight as possible to allow energy to move freely.

Gently tone every sound seven times on your breath without forcing anything.

• The root: The associated sound is a deep, guttural "uuh," as in the word "duck."

• The sacral: The associated sound is "ooh," as in the word "do."

• The solar plexus: The associated sound is "ohh," as in the word "low."

• The heart: The associated sound is "aah," as in the word "ta."

• The throat: The associated sound is "eye," as in the word "rye."

• The third eye/brow: The associated sound is "ay," as in the word "bay."

• The crown: The associated sound is "eee," as in the word "bee."

As you can imagine, I am an absolute treat to sit next to on the bus.

But on a more serious note, can you see how easy that is?!

Over time, you can really make a difference to your energetic and physical well-being.

(Don't be afraid if any stuck emotions come up! Just let them pass through you with the practice of presence and allow them to get unstuck.)

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Love and light,

Angela and the Ascending Vibrations Team

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