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Why asking yourself the true reasons as to why you behave, think, and react the way you do (and then doing this one trick) is spiritual gold...

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5/17/20242 min read

I recently came across a profound piece of knowledge that allowed me to alter my subconscious patterns, behaviors, and beliefs forever. 

In the book ‘Change Your Mind’ by the fantastic spiritual teacher RJ Spina, he explains the process of how he took two weeks off work, and instead of going on vacation, he decided to liberate himself from his subconscious programs. 

He started by analyzing EVERYTHING he did.

In one instance, when he looked in the mirror and, without even thinking, started combing his hair, he thought, “It’s 4 am; why on earth am I combing my hair right now?”

He let his mind go blank and his higher self came back with, “because I care about how I look, I want to appear attractive.”

And so, he took it one step further, and asked himself, “why do I care if I appear attractive?”

Again, he let is mind go blank and his higher self responded with, “because I get validation and self-worth from how other people view me”.

(Of course, I am paraphrasing.)

What a revelation to realize that the subconscious behaviors we play out in our daily lives contain within them a thread that, when unraveled, reveals our underlying motivations and agendas! 

Encountering this level of self-awareness naturally engenders a liberation from the aforementioned subconscious programs and, thus, moves us toward further enlightenment and spiritual growth. 

As mentioned earlier, RJ spent two weeks doing this kind of self-awareness and self-questioning work and filled up three scrapbooks with journal entries questioning his every behavior and action. 

Imagine what your life would look like if you began to do this kind of excavation of your subconscious beliefs, behaviors, and programs.

Spiritual growth and liberation would be assured. 

But I personally like to go even one step further and use EFT tapping to dissolve the subconscious belief, behavior, or program from my energy field once I have become aware of it.

For example, if I had the revelation that RJ did, that I get validation and self-worth from how other people view me, then I would simply EFT tap on not needing external validation and trusting in myself instead. 

(If you are not familiar with EFT tapping, then check it out on YouTube. In my opinion, it works like magic).

Over time, what is experienced is a spring cleaning, if you will, of the stains and smudges of the subconscious programs that have been muddying the window of your soul. 

This allows as much light to shine through as possible–the light that you truly are, unobscured by any distortions that are not truly you, only programs.

What a way to raise your vibration.

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Love and light

Angela and the Ascending Vibrations team

Mirror Work, Analyzing Your Own Behavior, EFT-Tapping
Mirror Work, Analyzing Your Own Behavior, EFT-Tapping